About Us


Morrie Records is a Turkey-based record label and music publishing company that operates under the Morrie Marr ad agency.

Morrie Records was formed in January 2021, and became the first major agency for independent artists in Turkey, especially Turkish artists who perform in other languages. Morrie Records is being the successor company to an agency Morrie Marr.

Morrie Records issues records in many genres, including pop, classical, and alternative. It also produces personalized how-to manuals for artists’ needs and handbooks to guide artists to the music industry.

Morrie Records also sells clothing, provides advertising for the label. The range of line is called Morrie Merch and includes clothes (t-shirts, hoodies, tops) and accessories for men and women.

In February 2021, Morrie Records announced Morrie Radio to form a new marketing firm under the group umbrella Morrie Records.