What We Do

WHO? Who is this music made for?

WHAT? What’s the main message and purpose?

WHERE? Where will it be shared?

WHY? Why is the artist making this music?

HOW? How will we tell the story?


After the storytelling process to be determined with the artist, Morrie Records also undertakes the process of supporting this story with complete visuals.

Graphic design, photo shoots, album cover, social media content and even the styling of the artist in the process can sometimes be included in this scope.



As another element to complement the textual and visual integrity, video shootings and all production work are planned and implemented by Morrie Records.


The licensing of works, their copyrights, their publication in music-video media such as Spotify, Apple Music, VEVO and the continuous monitoring of all related processes are also carried out by Morrie Records.


There are many digital channels that broadcast music both nationally and internationally. Morrie Records determines the most accurate and effective ones for the artist and takes all the necessary steps to include the work / works.

Copyright Types

Replication (Mechanical) Synchronization Copyright:

Once the musical works are delivered to the customers and copied onto the final film, video or tape, the obligation to pay reproduction (mechanical) right arises. This right has nothing to do with the publication of the production. This right arises from copying the music from the master tape or Compact Disc to another format. (The right to print a CD in a factory is also a mechanical right.)

Representation (Public Transmission) Right:

In Turkey, represented as in world practice law (public transmission or rights arising from the publication) based on each country’s authority received from composers and music publishers by their professional associations will be collected from broadcasters and paid to the rightful owners.

As an example representation of the music they broadcast the TV channel in Turkey (public communication) that the right amount of work its members with professional associations (MSG or I MESAM) they pay. Professional associations also distribute these copyright fees to composers according to the music usage lists specified on the basis of seconds in the daily music usage forms they receive from broadcasters.

These rights should not be confused with each other. The contract concluded with TV and / or radio organizations for the right of representation (public transmission) never includes reproduction (mechanical) rights.

All music users T.C. and according to international laws, they must never use musical works without permission and license from the owners and neighboring rights holders.


Social Media

Morrie Records does not undertake the management of the artist’s social accounts, but prepares calendars and reports for the posts and advertisements to be made in related channels. It determines the requirements and deficiencies. It develops solutions for these and produces content according to the needs.8



Creating the Youtube channel in accordance with the artist’s image, using the correct advertising words, hashtags, and managing the advertisements to be broadcast on the media are among the responsibilities of Morrie Records. One of its main goals is to make use of Youtube not only as a showcase but also as a source of money.



Morrie Records undertakes the responsibility of determining when and how the artist and works / works will appear in the media, TV and radio channels and organizing the processes related to them.

Morrie Records prepares a special presentation file for the artist and his works. It shares this file with the relevant persons and institutions for cooperation and sponsorship in accordance with the artist’s expectations.

Within a framework to be decided together with the artist, Morrie Records carries out duets for the artist, events and promotional projects within certain processes.